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Welcome to Sakura-Con 2019 Registration!

We appreciate you registering for our 2019 convention! Before you continue with registration, we'd like you to familiarize yourself with our convention policies. Please read our Registration FAQ, our Member Policies, and, if you are a minor or bringing minors to the convention, our Minors' Policy.

Please note that we are not currently sending out confirmation emails due to technical difficulties. If you would like to confirm the status of your Membership for the current convention year, please visit the Membership Confirmation Page.

As a reminder, if you are attending the convention and under the age of 18, you are REQUIRED to have an attending adult who is also a registered member. We will not make exceptions to this rule. If your parent or legal guardian does not wish to attend, they must authorize another adult to be your attending adult. They can fill out and sign a Parental Permission Form designating another adult attendee as an at-con guardian which you can hand to us in Registration at the convention.

$50 effective starting 8-15-2018
$55 effective starting 10-1-2018
$60 effective starting 11-1-2018
$65 effective starting 12-1-2018
$70 effective starting 2-1-2019
Pre-Registration will close 23:59:59 pm, 4-2-2019
$80.00 at the convention

Children age 6-12 receive a 50% membership rate discount with their family; Children age 5 and under receive a complimentary membership with their family.

Memberships are subject to acceptance and adherence to ANCEA/Sakura-Con Policies. Memberships are not allowed to be transferred or sold and are non-refundable. Registered Members are entitled to attend all three days of Sakura-Con. Sakura-Con has no plans to issue any pro-rated memberships for 2019.