Please note, we DO NOT mail out badges ahead of the convention. You will need to pick up your badge during Registration hours.

Privacy Statement -- ANCEA/Sakura-Con is a state and federal non-profit organization. By purchasing a registration for Sakura-Con you are becoming a member of the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association. The benefits of membership are attendance to Sakura-Con, the receipt of our electronic bi-annual members newsletter, discounts on ANCEA/Sakura-Con related events when available and an invitation to become more involved in the organization year round. Please see the ANCEA/Sakura-Con policies for more information.

Individual and personal data is confidential to ANCEA/Sakura-Con and is never sold or otherwise shared. Aggregate data and statistics are compiled for reporting and demographics purposes, but no personal data is included. All information must be included on the registration form as it is required for us to properly assign your badge, record your membership and contact you about member related information. Incomplete registrations will not be processed.

When you register as a member, you agree to abide by all of Sakura-Con's Policies including our Minor Policy.

Membership registrations are non-refundable. All member registrants agree to accept ANCEA/Sakura-Con electronic notification regarding meetings and other member business via and/or via personal e-mail (an "un-subscribe" option will be provided with the Member's Newsletter if you opt not to receive it). Again, your personal information, including your e-mail address will never be shared with outside parties or used for non-ANCEA/Sakura-Con business.

Minor Policy

If you are under 18 years of age your parent or guardian MUST complete the Parental Consent section of the Registration Form. ALL minors must be accompanied by an adult who is attending Sakura-Con. Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made. See Minor Policy